You can learn to play guitar in a variety of music styles, and more importantly, you can learn to play the music you love most! I teach acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, and bass guitar for beginner or intermediate players. Reading music is not a requirement, but can be taught. I can teach you chords, strumming, rhythm, lead, scales, theory, and so much more, in various styles.

I have 25 years’ playing experience, 10 years’ instructing experience, and 8 years’ experience as professional leader of a 5-piece band. I’m in the Magic Valley. I have students in Twin Falls, Kimberly, Hansen, Filer, Buhl, and Castleford on the south side of the canyon. I have more students on the north side of the canyon in Jerome, Eden, Wendell, and Gooding. I also have Skype students as near as Carey and as far as Indiana.

Some of my past students play simply for their own private pleasure, some play in bands, some compose their own original songs, and some lead entire musical groups.

Play what you like and like what you play.