Chelly Wood  Chelly Wood –Writer and Blogger

Mark Tatro is a fantastic guitar teacher. My daughter has worked with him for several years, and now she’s finger-picking, playing notes, playing cords, reading music, and singing along. He makes her feel confident about her music, and he has a very personable approach as a teacher.

Ann Simmons  Ann —Music Specialist at Elementary School

Mark offers individual guitar lessons to all ages. He is patient and persistent in his instruction geared to the individual.

Michael Flameling  Michael —Search Engine Marketer / Recording Drummer

Mark is an amazing guitar player and leader. I worked with him on several live performing community projects at the fair grounds, camp retreats, and seasonal shows. He communicates really well through rehearsals and performances. He knows how to bring the whole team together and perform as one. He gives you material that can be challenging but also rewarding when put enough time and practice into the projects. Definitely the right candidate for a leadership role!

Nathanael Davis  Nathanael –Publishing Owner

Mark is a great guitar teacher. His help on my rhythm for playing guitar has aided me with other instruments as well.

Meg Shackelford  Karla 

Mark was an exceptional teacher for our son learning to play guitar. he was very patient for a new student and kept it interesting as he progressed………… highly recommended.

Meg Shackelford  Meg —ESL Teacher in Asia

I took guitar lessons from Mark for about three months, but I knew him as my youth pastor for years before then, and he was fantastic in both positions. His teaching style allows for a healthy amount of student direction while still being strict enough for the student to be able to gauge their progress easily. I learned enough over our few lessons to be able to lead a summer “Back-yard Bible School” music program and I only wish I could have his capable teaching here, thousands of miles away.

Judy Aitken  Judy —Customer Service Representative

Mark was the youth pastor and worship leader at my church for several years. He is a very talented musician and teacher,working with children and adults alike.

Carla Strunk  Carla —Health Information Management Services

Good listener, excellent teacher, Children oriented, Adult facilitation, Mark is very congenial and intelligent. I would recommend him for any project.